More About the July-August 2013 Bay Area NSF Team Cohort

This cohort of 20 teams were selected by the National Science Foundation and come from all over the United States. All have three members: a National Science Foundation Investigator, a graduate student and a business mentor. We are now 4 weeks into the program and many teams have already pivoted away from the application they provided below at the start. It will be interesting to see where they are on the final day, August 23, 2013!

Team List
Team # Team Institution
213 3D Microfluidic Cell Arrays City College of New York
214 Feedback Particle Filter University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
215 RFID Security University of Michigan-Dearborn
216 Manycore Compiler Arizona State University
217 Decision Support Systems Michigan Technological University
218 Hydroxyapatite Coatings University of Rochester
219 Epi under pressure material University of North Carolina at Charlotte
220 Ankle Foot Orthosis University of Toledo
221 Gait and Frailty Assessment Virginia Tech
222 Manufacture Planning & Scheduling University of Wisconsin-Madison
223 Behavioral Monitoring University of Southern California
224 Mobile Enzyme Sequestration University of Minnesota, Morris
225 Power Harvesting in RF University of North Dakota
226 Multi-Wave Nanophotonic Transport University of Colorado Boulder
227 Driver Assessment Tool University of Pittsburgh
228 Dry Mouth Relief SUNY Buffalo
229 Sensing for Smart Homes Rutgers University
230 Privacy-Preserving Cloud Virginia Commonwealth University
231 Equine Probiotic University of Massachusetts Amherst
232 UAV for Forest Fires University of Toledo
233 Project SAiL: Simple, Accurate indoor Localization Oregon State University
234 Sensor system to monitor bridge scour University of Maryland
235 TWITRIS: semantic social web analysis Wright State University
236 Ultrafast All-Optical Shutter Technology Georgia Institute of Technology

You can view all active awards across all the I-Corps Nodes and learn more about I-Corps training for both NSF Investigators and Bay Area teams.

Team Map

2013-07-30 I-Corps Team Map