Current teams at UC Berkeley

This cohort of 16 teams were selected by the UC Berkeley Faculty and come from all over the United States. All have three members: an entrepreneurial lead, a technical lead and a business mentor. We are now 4 weeks into the program and many teams have already pivoted away from the application they provided below at the start. It will be interesting to see where they are on the final day, November 15, 2013.



# Team Name Description
R100 Picoyune Mercury monitoring technologies
R101 STEMKids Providing teachers and kids with the collaborative STEM and digital skills to succeed!
R102 FindLight Online search engine for lasers and photonics products. Search -based on technical specifications or applications. Our service creates an efficient connection between buyers and vendors.
R103 iCustomer Mobile app and cloud service to avoid the hassle of getting in touch with a company through a call center. Next: personal digital assistant capabilities.
R104 Azurite Technologies Commercializing an early stage technology for non-invasive blood sugar checking in athletes with type I diabetes.
R105 LifeLine LifeLine provides a path to personal health and happiness by harnessing the power of mobile devices and big data, connecting users with wellness professionals and offering just-in-time personalized advice, leading to positive lifestyle changes.
R106 hpcgui We will build a website through which users can trigger, control and analyse parallel supercomputing calculations.
R107 Subsea Expo Develop In-line corrosion inspection system for subsea pipeline
R110 AskGov.Info AskGov.Info (AGI) is a revolutionary startup seeking to be a market leader in the target segment of “governance data”.
R111 NoahBoard A crowd-sourced career planning solutions tailored for you
R112 Less Than Three ❤ “Lumosity for Mindfulness,” a playful game-based smartphone app for stress reduction
R115 GroundBreaker GroundBreaker is a fundraising platform for real estate ventures.
R117 Brandizi We help businesses improve and streamline their marketing communications with a SaaS solution.
R118 Self Cube Do the companies you buy from hold the same values you do?
R119 Kitty Party Kitty Party – Local hangout for women to socialize and pool money! Kitty parties are an age-old tradition in India, where women regularly meet in social gatherings and collaborate money for personal savings and fun.
R120 TEBIA Offers a behavior modification Platform as a Service for patients with chronic diseases to help them to achieving better health, lowering the cost and optimizing care management.