Life Sciences and Healthcare: Lessons Learned at UCSF

A team of 110 researchers and clinicians, in therapeutics, diagnostics, devices and digital health in 25 teams at UCSF, has just shown us the future of translational medicine.  It’s Lean, it’s fast, it works and it’s unlike anything else ever done.

It’s going to get research from the lab to the bedside cheaper and faster.

Welcome to the Lean LaunchPad for Life Sciences and Healthcare (part of the National Science Foundation I-Corps).

This post is part of our series on the Lean Startup in Life Science and Health Care.

Content from, Steve Blank is the Chief Architect, Lean LaunchPad, NSF Principal Investigator

Below are the ‘Lessons Learned’ videos that every team presented on the final day of class (December 10, 2013).