I-Corps Team Lessons Learned Videos

One of the best ways to understand the value of I-Corps training is to look at the “Lessons Learned” videos from the teams that have gone through it.

Here you can check out those from the graduating class of the Jan-Feb I-Corps cohort.

3D Integrated Pharmaceuticals

Miniaturized Medical Oxygen Concentrator

Multiplexed SERS-PCR

Barcode Blotting Diagnostic Tech for Point-of-Care Testing

Clemson University Team

Auton Lab Traffic Jam

Polymer Technology Based on Renewables

Chromatography Resins Based on Nanomaterials

Novel Mercury Oxidation Catalysts

Cornell University Team

Georgia Tech Team

Green route to production of hydrogen peroxide

Low-Energy manufacturing-scalable complex oxide thin film technology

Network Perception

Optical Switch

Shrinkage Reducing Admixture Business Development

Software for Emergency Preparedness for Dam or Levee Failure

Thought and Expression based Human-Technology Interface

Two-Bead Method for Enhanced Cell Isolation from Complex Samples

FI-EMF Technology

Team Catalysis