Apply to Lean LaunchPad Summer Course


Why is the NSF I-Corps program so valuable?

We’ll let our students do the talking for us.  Check out our testimonials from teams that have graduated from the program:


” Thank you for getting us out of the building. We are no longer guessing”


“From getting out of the building, we discovered that while compelling data is nice, it must be paired with a compelling business team and compelling product development ”


“We had absolutely no skill or knowledge about commercializing our invention. This course was extremely valuable in helping us figure out who would actually pay for our product.”

– Magnamosis


“This class saved us over 2 years of going down the wrong path!”



“We are going to pursue customer discovery, believe it or not, we actually liked it!”

-Mira Medicine


“We thought we had a large market, after conducting many customer interviews, we realized we couldn’t be further from the truth.”



“We avoided building the wrong product”

-My Care Journal


“We probably would have never done 100 customer interviews this year & we did it in 7 weeks thanks to this program.”



“When we came out of the program, after 85 face-to-face interviews, we came out with a vision that differentiates us in the market.”



What is I-Corps?

I-Corps training is focused on helping early-stage teams who have a fundamental technology, engineering, or business model innovation to learn how search for a scalable business model through the Customer Discovery process. Teams are typically composed of three members: the technical lead (hacker), the entrepreneurial lead (hustler) and the mentor (with business experience).


This course is based on the Lean Launchpad methodology pioneered by UC Berkeley and Stanford Faculty member Steve Blank. Each team in the program must get “out of the building” and interview 100 customers and experts as they search for a scalable business model. The curriculum provides real world, hands-on, immersive learning experience. It’s not about how to write a research paper or business plan. The result is not a publication, a deck of slides or even a product. Instead, it is the experience of being an entrepreneur – learning from the marketplace by talking to customers, partners, and competitors; working as a team to overcome failures and embrace successes; encountering the chaos and uncertainty of creating a startup – all under the guidance of a world-class teaching team.


Over 300 teams have already competed the course working through ideas from nanoparticle films and horse probiotics to gamification apps and software for diabetics. This is our most advanced early-stage startup training.


Who is the Faculty?

Todd Morrill 

David Charron

Nancy Kamei


How can I apply?

Easy!!  Check out this page:  APPLY HERE