Toolbox Genomics: Pivoting to Success

Elvina Kung (Berkeley Haas EWMBA 16) and Erika Gray (UCSF PharmD) founded Toolbox Genomics (formerly Just4You Genetics) during last summer’s NSF I-Corps at Berkeley Haas.

The pair teamed up to find tangible ways to help folks reduce the impacts of chronic disease—something they see every day at San Francisco General Hospital where Kung is a trauma nurse and Gray, a pharmacist. They used the customer discovery skills learned in I-Corps to interview experts as well as patients and families.

Their key insight was that non-experts needed recommendations, not just raw data when trying to interpret their genetic data. For Toolbox, this resulted in a pivot away from their initial idea of making customized nutrition bars to the current focus on providing personalized actionable recommendations to help each person build his/her healthiest life.  The two accomplished all this while working, finishing up the EWMBA program (Kung) and being finalists in Foundation Capital’s Berkeley Founders Program.

Now, Toolbox Genomics is conducting an internal trial and needs your feedback! If you are willing to share your *raw* 23andMe data, please contact for more details about a FREE customized report.

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