Bay Area I-Corps Team LymeDot Wins Big

LymeDot formed and won the UC Berkeley Lyme Hack before accelerating a month later with the Bay Area I-Corps Node’s Immersive Short Course. They went on to win $5k seed funding during the semi-finals of the national Lyme Innovation competition at MIT.  This weekend, they took 2nd place in the final competition and will receive grant funding as well as a formal award at the White House later this month!

I-Corps got extended air time during their final preso as they used their BMC to communicate how they’re developing their mobile symptom tracking solution  (see the video on Lyme Innovation‘s FB page).  They also effectively referenced interview results in answering multiple questions during an extended Q&A.

So proud of this multi-disciplinary team comprised of Berkeley Haas Evening Weekend MBAs, a UCB EECS Alum, UCSF PhD and a joint MIT/Harvard PhD student.

Amazing work and we can’t wait to meet our next Immersive Short cohort next Monday!

Read more about Team LymeDot: