NSF I-Corps Helps Postdocs Change The World

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 6.13.55 PM

The Bay Area Node proudly supported the third annual Bay Area Postodoc Symposium and had a ball.  Lots of smart cookies and even a Science Battle at the end. Note: 8 of the 10 Battle participants were women—much braver than the boys!

All of the Science Battle projects were impressive, but we couldn’t help cheering extra loudly for Winnie Liang, PhD, Entrepreneurial Lead for Team Neptune, a recent National NSF I-Corps team.  Winnie (lower left corner) showed mad improv skills as she walked the audience through “Saving The Protein Nanocrystals From Your Mistakes” on her way to victory.  She gave several shout outs for I-Corps throughout the day and cheerfully answered questions from her peers.  Thanks to Winnie and all of the organizers for a fantastic event that we can’t wait to do again!