LAUNCH’s Predictim on WaPo Front Page

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This LAUNCH 18 standout has grown by leaps and bounds after a radical pivot from cleaning up social media profiles for millennial job seekers to helping anxious parents find safe, trustworthy babysitters.

Predictim (originally called Social Filter) was founded by an MBA student at the Haas School of Business and a UC Berkeley EECS undergrad.  After 100+ customer discovery interviews during the UC-wide, three month LAUNCH accelerator, the pair determined that profile scrubbing was a “nice to have” for their initial customer segment, but not a “must have”.

On their journey, however, they learned that parents (of both babies and dogs!) have a huge pain point for weeding out sitters who may otherwise check out a-ok.  They’ve spent the last six months in Berkeley’s Skydeck to keep testing hypotheses and continue building their solution.

Kudos for persevering to find product-market fit for a customer segment with a big pain point…and the $$ to solve it.

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