Rhonda Gets”Relentlessly Direct” With GIST APEC Female Founders

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Each year, the US State Department sponsors the Global Innovation through Science and Technology (GIST) program.  This year’s focus was on Female Founders and our very own Bay Area Node Executive Director, Rhonda Shrader, was selected as one of the instructors for the bootcamp in Brisbane, Australia.

Twenty teams were selected from over 100 applications with the selected teams representing 14 of the 18 economies in APEC (the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation).

These talented female founders from Malaysia and Indonesia, eagerly embraced the concept of NSF I-Corps’ relentlessly direct feedback and were all smiles during this photo before the Demo Day presentations.  One of the teams (on Rhonda’s left) won the grand prize for their clean water solution for shrimp farmers.

Read more about the teams and program here.