Female Founder Friday: Epixego

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Special thanks to guest contributor Anita Balaraman

Why Epixego?

We can’t think of a better problem to work on, than one that affects our children and their future. Real data tells us: 65% of the children entering primary school today will ultimately end up working in completely new job types that don’t yet exist; over 80% of the students switch their college majors before graduating and, over 70% of the millenials expect to change careers not jobs.

Today, we can predict the type of toothpaste that would be a good match/fit, but can’t help our students discover and find education/career paths that may be a good fit for them.  We think this problem is not just hard and complex, but a critical one. The future depends on what we do today, and this is the problem Epixego is working on.

Why us?

We are a team of technologists, educators, and parents. That means we have the incredible fortune of staring at the pain, frustration and problem that face our students every day. For example, the problem of not connecting a deep interest in videography to possible education and career path.  As hiring managers in corporations, we have seen the problems manifest differently: an employee who is not the right ‘fit’, not engaged, uncommunicative, the same ingredients that are needed to stimulate creativity and innovation.

Using technology for social good, solving real problems is one that resonates deep for us. We are mothers, wives, friends, colleagues, and classmates who are driven by the problems experienced by us, our peers, and our loved ones to create better solutions.

We are proud Haas alums, have experience in entrepreneurship, building technology products for retail, education, high performance computing, predictive analytics infrastructure, and just getting s*** done.

Why ICorps?

Men receive what I call a ‘presumption of competence’ that women often don’t get, during fundraising. NSF I-Corps was a refreshing meritocracy where such presumptions were not made. I-Corps is a gateway to evidence-based investing, rather than faith-based investing. Evidence received by talking to real customers, and validating our hypothesis about the market in 6-weeks. We are now remarkably sure about our customer segment, specific value proposition, and who our paying customer will be.

Bonus: check out their hilarious Butt Kicking Lessons Learned video…2 minutes with some superb learning for entrepreneurs @ any stage. https://bit.ly/2FLoLMI