#FemaleFounderFriday: Windborne

Screen Shot 2019-08-02 at 8.28.36 AM

This week’s #FemaleFounderFriday celebrates the increasing number of women-led STEM teams training in our monthly NSF I-Corps program.

July teams had a particular emphasis on applied AI–from improving malaria diagnosis/treatment and diagnosing diabetic retinopathy to better predicting sources of potable water.

Pictured is a team of Stanford undergrads who have developed a weather balloon capable of staying aloft for 5 days instead of the industry standard now of 90 minutes. Windborne co-founder & CEO Paige Brown, will now helm the team through their 7-week/$50k National I-Corps journey to determine which of the many customer segments to pursue first.

Other female founded teams this month included one led by an SFSU faculty member & a team of three UC Berkeley PhD students who will now head to Nationals as well.

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