Pivots Happen: Be Fearless!

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Flourish Savings started with a simple question–can we gamify savings to build good habits for millennials?

Berkeley-Haas Evening Weekend MBA alums Pedro Felipe Moura, Jessica Eting & Bill Collins dug deeper throughout their time as students via classes and programs like UC LAUNCH, Trione Student Venture Fund & NSF #ICorps🐻

Along the way, they have collaborated with The Common Cents Lab from Dan Ariely and received investment from Better Ventures through Haas Impact Investing Network💰

While they’ve stayed true to their mission of making savings fun as a way to financial security, they’ve been fearless about doing what it takes to reach their goals. 🎯

Check out Pedro’s recent article on the importance of pivoting.

Great reminder that successful impact is seldom linear–pivoting and continuing to get balls to the net are what ultimately create sustainable wins for everyone.🏆🏆

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