SIP, But The Show Must Go On!

Screen Shot 2020-03-24 at 7.44.14 PM

Although our first session was in-person, we had to quickly pivot to Zoom for classes 2 and 3.

Dentia (the team pictured) includes a dentist & post doc working on a filling that prevents future cavities while saving patients time, $$ and anxiety. 

What can you learn from 15 customer discovery interviews? A very experienced team (CITRIS Foundry, Cyclotron Road) learned that one customer segment had such a need, that they were willing to pay 100,000x what the team had planned to charge to another customer segment!! (That’s not a typo, btw.)

Gratitude shout out to Chris Denoia, who seamlessly delivered the final two sessions online as well as for the UC Berkeley, Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator & UCSF teams that managed to get their 15 interviews done during a crazy week. 💪💪


Apply by end of the day for our April cohort–we’ll be doing it virtually and still requiring 15 interviews of the 7-day period.…/bay-area-nsf-i-corps-blog/…/