May I-Corps Wrap Up: 20 Teams & Aha Moments

Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 9.05.59 AM

Blockchain, AI & Faculty research from across UC Berkeley (BioE, I-School) were the big themes for this month’s cohort.

20 teams from Cal, Stanford, MIT, UCSC and Johns Hopkins brought their A-games and were rewarded with some stellar insights worth sharing:

Stanford’s Biodock AI: “Interviews are equally if not more important than building the MVP…our MVP will be very different based on the interviews we’ve done.  It has saved us months.”

Instructor Chris DeNoia: “The entrepreneur decides what’s minimal.  The customer decides if it’s viable.”

MIT team Tellus (degradable plastics): “Don’t give up.  You should expect that your initial idea won’t be the best one.”

A UC Berkeley undergraduate team that conducted a whopping 26 interviews during the 7-day course stressed the importance of doing more interviews rather than less and said that getting interviews was “challenging, but possible and ultimately, easier than we expected.”

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