July I-Corps @ UC Davis: AgTech Rules

Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 7.18.30 PM

The Bay Area Node took the show on the road…metaphorically speaking, to train sixteen UC Davis teams in a special edition of NSF I-Corps!

Technologies ranged from machine vision for seed sorting to a specially-engineered supplement mitigating methane emissions from cows.  Teams ranged from a Chemistry professor working with tea plants to grad students developing rapid imaging solutions for veterinarians.

Everyone reached their goal of at least 15 customer discovery interviews, reporting multiple instances of “asking for 15 minutes” and going well past an hour.  Bonus moment included a proud mom (also a professor) who reported that her teen daughter watched the entire course.  Both were captivated by the energy of the group as well as, of course, the thrill of hearing customer discovery insights. 😁😁

Can’t wait to see what these teams do next as they continue on to the National program and improving our world.