Bay Area Node: Celebrating 80 National Teams

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So much to celebrate with our first 80 National I-Corps teams!

Founders with fundamental tech innovations from UC Berkeley, Berkeley Haas, UC Santa Cruz and Stanford shared their journeys to, through and beyond the 7 week/100 interviews/$50k National program.

See the recording here. Password: C5m09#5A

Several founders shared their original two minute Lessons Learned videos and reflected on their early mistakes (narrow customer segments!), post-I-Corps experiences and the importance of continuing customer discovery. 200 interviews, on average, were done on the way to securing NSF, DOE, NIH and other Phase SBIRs along with private capital to scale their ventures. Check out the video to see which team has secured $12M and is now raising $50M!

We also officially welcomed GEM I4 to the Bay Area Node family.  GEM is a national organization and consortium of universities and companies founded 44 years ago for

African American, Hispanic, Native American Masters and PhD students in science and engineering. With over 4000 alumni and five Fellows currently at UC Berkeley, it was fantastic to hear more about the specific GEM I4 partnership with NSF I-Corps to provide support to Fellows interested in technology commercialization and entrepreneurship.   We look forward to reporting success stories at our next Showcase…stay tuned!

Finally, one of the most thoughtful responses yesterday came from Trevor McQueen, co-founder of Neptune Fluid Flow Systems.  When asked if going through the National I-Corps program had changed the way he does science, he responded, “It hasn’t changed how I do the science.  It has changed what I do my science on. That’s the key difference–there’s lots of different things that the commercial industry cares about that if you focus on those and apply the scientific knowledge and training that you have, you can actually deliver a lot of value to customers, very quickly and help a lot of people.”

And that, is what it’s all about…using your STEM superpowers for good.

Learn more about Bay Area Node National teams here.

Applications for August I-Corps due today, more info here.