NSF Lessons Learned: June-July 2014 Cohort

Perseverance pays off!!  We started this 8-week course with 25 teams on June 2nd and only 15 teams endured the pace and the discipline of this accelerator!  The Lean LaunchPad methodology is not for the faint of heart and these entrepreneurs have proven what it really means to be determined and to have passion! Congratulations … Continue reading NSF Lessons Learned: June-July 2014 Cohort

Apply to Lean LaunchPad Summer Course

  Why is the NSF I-Corps program so valuable? We'll let our students do the talking for us.  Check out our testimonials from teams that have graduated from the program:   " Thank you for getting us out of the building. We are no longer guessing" -Tidepool "From getting out of the building, we discovered … Continue reading Apply to Lean LaunchPad Summer Course

I-Corps Team Lessons Learned Videos

One of the best ways to understand the value of I-Corps training is to look at the "Lessons Learned" videos from the teams that have gone through it. Here you can check out those from the graduating class of the Jan-Feb I-Corps cohort. 3D Integrated Pharmaceuticals Miniaturized Medical Oxygen Concentrator Multiplexed SERS-PCR Barcode Blotting Diagnostic … Continue reading I-Corps Team Lessons Learned Videos

Life Sciences and Healthcare: Lessons Learned at UCSF

A team of 110 researchers and clinicians, in therapeutics, diagnostics, devices and digital health in 25 teams at UCSF, has just shown us the future of translational medicine.  It’s Lean, it’s fast, it works and it’s unlike anything else ever done. It’s going to get research from the lab to the bedside cheaper and faster. … Continue reading Life Sciences and Healthcare: Lessons Learned at UCSF

Lessons Learned from the NSF Berkeley I-Corps

On November 15, 2013, 14 teams were invited to present their "Lessons Learned" videos and presentations to their peers, VC's, NSF Staff and members of the community. Check out their 7 week Lean LaunchPad Journeys: http://youtu.be/3tWMMfnNX24 http://youtu.be/GKttk_YcXQA http://youtu.be/hrY-nQKyfps http://youtu.be/w5ahwD7ydf0 http://youtu.be/bzIbABuXVpo http://youtu.be/m4Sw6DtJ2gg http://youtu.be/N_o6UpXJDVY http://youtu.be/C3gOCqRZUZU http://youtu.be/q04eVovkkzc http://youtu.be/JGKgM0sz06o http://youtu.be/AnDBsJ9oRnI http://youtu.be/HQyvtc8-dn0 http://youtu.be/f4VNQAWppS4 http://youtu.be/f4VNQAWppS4