August I-Corps @ UC Berkeley: Wrap Up

Wrapped August I-Corps with incredible teams working on high impact projects, relevant for right now. 💪 Two University of California, Berkeley postdocs through the PostX program conducted 16 interviews during the week for their Wildfire Urban Interface (WUI) evac planning solution. Team WUIgo invalidated their initial hypos around who the customer would be. After mapping out the … Continue reading August I-Corps @ UC Berkeley: Wrap Up

1st 150 National I-Corps Teams: Longitudinal Study Key Findings

Check out a 5-min video abstract, with Steve Blank (!), summarizing research on WHY learning/applying Lean Startup methodology is superior to advising models, listening to founder war stories, focusing solely on mindset, etc. 3 key findings from this longitudinal study of the first 150 National Science Foundation (NSF) #ICorps teams. The research was funded by our very … Continue reading 1st 150 National I-Corps Teams: Longitudinal Study Key Findings

April I-Corps @ UC Berkeley: Wrap-Up

Wrapped up April NSF I-Corps with outstanding teams from across the country! UCSF fielded the largest team with PI Aaron Kornblith & Blackstone LaunchPad Director Jeni Janci pushing the team to 17 interviews in a single week. Their biggest surprise? Learning what their colleagues really think...and gaining new insights to support their mission. What can … Continue reading April I-Corps @ UC Berkeley: Wrap-Up

National Team Intropic Materials in UC LAUNCH

Meet the UC LAUNCH Accelerator Spring 21 cohort teams! Aaron Hall founded Intropic Materials while finishing his PhD in Materials Science & Engineering at UC Berkeley. Intropic is developing high performance self-degrading plastics that last exactly as long as they are needed. Learn more about their journey through last Fall's NSF I-Corps National program and … Continue reading National Team Intropic Materials in UC LAUNCH

December I-Corps @ UC Berkeley: Wrap-Up

NSF I-Corps wrapped up 2020 with outstanding teams from UC Berkeley, UC Merced, Cal Poly SLO, UCSC & Stanford. 💪💪 Berkeley Haas #EMBA team Novasine conducted 20 customer discovery interviews that yielded unique insights for their product roadmap. Cal-Stanford team ETTA also gained greater clarity around who their actual customer is for their drug delivery … Continue reading December I-Corps @ UC Berkeley: Wrap-Up

NSIN Partnership Opens New Possibilities

The National Security Innovation Network, a program office within the U.S. Department of Defense,  and the Blum Center have expanded their partnership to connect students, researchers, and entrepreneurs at the University of California, Berkeley, with the DoD. This collaboration expands opportunities for researchers as well as students to work directly with organizations across DoD to … Continue reading NSIN Partnership Opens New Possibilities

November I-Corps @ UC Berkeley: Wrap-Up

Teams from across UC Berkeley, UCSB, Cal Poly SLO & Stanford elected to spend the first week in November with NSF I-Corps! Berkeley Haas MBA/MPH students refined their idea for a solution to support patients with chronic conditions. Armed with new skills, they'll build on the initial 15 interviews to refine the target segment even … Continue reading November I-Corps @ UC Berkeley: Wrap-Up