The I-Corps training is focused on helping early-stage teams who have a fundamental technology, engineering, or business model innovation learn how search for a scalable business model through the Customer Discovery process. Teams are typically composed of three members: the technical lead (hacker), the entrepreneurial lead (hustler) and the mentor (entrepreneurial experience).

There are two types of I-Corps training, both based on our National Faculty Director, Steve Blank’s Lean Startup methods.

Immersive Short Course
-7 days (three 3-4 hour sessions, four days for customer discovery interviews)
-held locally at UC Berkeley, UCSF or Stanford
-20 customer interviews
-successful completion + instructor recommendation qualify teams to apply for the National Course

APPLY for the next Immersive Short Course starting November 4 @ UC Berkeley-Haas, apply here. Applications due October 18.

2019 planned start dates:

Nov 4
Dec 2

National Course (for current NSF grantees or Immersion Course completion + recommendation)
-$30k or 50k non-dilutive grants for customer discovery activities
-rotating application process, courses available throughout the year
-in-person bootcamps (3 & 2 days) @ beginning/end of sessions
-videoconference for 5 bi-weekly sessions between bootcamps
-more info & schedule here: I-Corps Curriculum

Benefits of both courses include learning techniques for using Customer Discovery and  the Customer Development process to rapidly evaluate the business potential of technologies and ideas.  Teams should reach a go/no go decision by the end of either course. Course structures also facilitate personal connections to the faculty, mentors and other team members in the program.

Case Study
UCB PhD Eric Munsing shares his experience with NSF I-Corps training here.

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