Team Beyond the Dome

“We just received our award letter for an NSF SBIR Phase I Grant, and we attribute our success in part to the Berkeley I-Corps program in July 2018. A big thank you again! Our experience has been invaluable, and we’ve spread the word with StartX folks.”


Dr. Hobart Harris, Chief of General Surgery at UCSF, talks about his experience going through the Lean LaunchPad course with his startup and how it saved him years from chasing the wrong path.

Team Waypoint Biosciences

“I-Corps has been a transformative experience both for our team and for myself. We have learned a great deal more about our market application and identified some of the major questions we have to answer to make commercialization a viable effort. And it’s absolutely changed the way I think about problems and how/where to focus my energy to create the most value.”

Team Caring Doctor

“Our team formed during a UCSF-UC Berkeley mixer. We can’t thank the instructors enough for pushing us to where we are today.”

Team Just For You Genetics (now Toolbox Genomics)

“I-Corps forced us to validate many assumptions we’d been glossing over. We pivoted significantly and are now positioned to move forward successfully.”

Team STEMKids

“Our I-Corps experience is the sole reason we achieved success in obtaining an SBIR after being turned down before.”

Team Picoyune:

“We probably would have never done 100 customer interviews this year & we did it in 7 weeks thanks to this program.”

Team FindLight:

“When we came out of the program, after 85 face-to-face interviews, we came out with a vision that differentiates us in the market.”

Team Tebia:

“We learned to listen more and talk less.”

Team Noahscope:

“In the beginning, it was really hard to get interviews, but once we focused on a specific customer segment, it got easier.”

Team: Subsea Expo

“Our team finally went through this awesome program, can’t imagine how many hours we have contributed and how long time we have spent with each other. Day and night, we were tightly tied together. Domestic and overseas, we connected the interests all around the world. Highest honor to have your guys to make this success. Obviously, we will drive Subsea Expo forward with sheer confidence. Terrific people and best team !!”